World Cup of Hockey, with strong Lightning ties, intriguing counterpart to Olympics

World Hockey Jersey

Definitely, the World Cup of hockey Jersey does not have the exact feel of the Olympic Games.

“What is really it is quite difficult to compare to the Olympics, analysts of” NHL Network, Kevin Weeks, former Lightning goalkeeper said.

However, one of the area, will start Saturday in Toronto. In international competitions of this 8 team, it might be better. 12, including the Lightning players, talent from top to bottom, second to none, the European coach Ralph Krueger was part of the international competitions from 1981, it said.

“I’ll be now tell you:., Until now, so far I have never had this kind of eight teams,” Kruger told to “I am of you just game if you look at the pure level, this is a second no, we believe it is the strongest tournament in the history of the doubt without hockey. ”

NHL official tournament is the NHL Oilers center, the team in North America, led by the first of the entire 2015, there will since have begun to participate in 1998, all of the Olympic favorites are bound for the gold medal, Canada, the United States, Sweden, Russia, the Czech Republic, including Finland, the draft is, the Connor McDavid is composed of top players from following the United States and Canada 23 years old, and select. Team Europe, we have a player that the country has not been individually expressed.

And, whether of the uncertainty, this is the best on the best alternative to participate in the Olympic Games in South Korea in 2018 on the silence of the International Olympic Committee in order to pay the cost insurance and travel for players of NHL League it is possible to provide the means.

Weeks, is part of the ESPN broadcast crew for the tournament, it helped to break down the important issues.

Can anyone beat Canada?

Canada is believed to almost everyone likes, it has been for a good reason. Two hours of Olympic defending champion, including the captain Stephen · Stamkos of the Lightning, will be loaded. However, the preliminary round group, the United States team, might be the toughest challenge. It is Tuesday the United States – Canada’s showdown will be a must-see TV. “Team USA (including Ben Bishop of thunder) is, their goalkeeper is comparable to a great Canadian, to,” Weeks said. “Team USA, a method that has been built up to the front is very It is to become physically. also, keep an eye on team Sweden. (goalie Henrik Lundqvist is) if we play the way you expect, look for them. ”

Do you have young gun got a shot?

North America is probably the most fun team the youngest, fastest look. And, it does not lack self-confidence. And 23-, “team was the most skilled here.” Forward Nathan Macchi non of avalanche called the younger group, however, the children, including the preliminary group with Sweden and Russia, those of more experienced opponent and the hang-up of the star-studded Can you do that? TV analyst, Craig Button, former NHL general manager, North America is not expected to win the game. Weeks, it is we believe that can be a factor. “They have and people to protect the great goal that allows you to turn on the score sheet,” Weeks said.

Maximum of wonder impact of any Lightning player?

Captain Stephen · Stamkos of thunder to play in the first team at Toronto’s hometown, is a nostalgic favorite. Forward Nikita Kucherov is for Russia, 1 of the top scorer of this generation, it has become Alex Ove chicken and pair. However, Weeks is the most influential player in Tampa Bay in the tournament, we believe that there may be to the Blue Line. Defense, Sweden of strength, and smooth skating Victor Hedman in particular the surface of the NHL size of the tournament, you can take control at both ends of the ice.

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